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 Gerry Walsh Lacrosse Scholarship

Gerry Walsh has been a vital part of the Brewster Lacrosse program.  He has coached on both the boys and girls side for over 20 years.  His knowledge and experience in the game of lacrosse has helped put Brewster Lacrosse on the map.  This scholarship is awarded in his name for his dedication to Brewster Lacrosse and love of the game.  Scholarships will be awarded to Brewster High School lacrosse players who have played and been involved in the Brewster Lacrosse program that has shown a love of the sport, has represented their team, school and community with pride, dignity, maturity, and class. Recipients have given back to our youth program by volunteering their time and effort to help out the younger players. 


Scholarship Recipients


2022- Ashley Sheil and Dominic Rienzi


2021 - Jason Borsari, Kayla Fox, Nicoletta Goldberg, Chelsea Steere, Ashley Goodliffe, Ella Pastore


2020 - Dan Buonadonna, Sam Lowe, Brendan Lennon, RJ Hargrave, Teddy Tepper, Danielle Heintz, Danielle Regan, Nicole Cusanelli, Isabella Nitti, Gillian Cunningham, Meaghan Feehan, Chloe Stalker


2019 - Meagan Beal, Maggie DePaoli, Haile Ratajack, Patrick Feehan, Cole Gianguzzi, Charles Russell

2018 - Tara Regan, Lauren Craft, Grace Pastore, Leah Frey, Diana Limitone, Michael Buonadonna, Kevin Moroney

2017 - Dana Lestrange and Kevin Heintz

2016 - Kathleen Regan, Ailish Erickson, and Kevin Blank

2015 - Caitlin Parise and Ryan Honey

2014 - Nicole Palumbo and Liam DaRos

2013 - Lauren DiTaranto and Ed Schoenig