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The instructional clinic is designed for 1st and 2nd grade girls to learn the basics of lacrosse and to have fun.

We are always looking for parents to coach.


Saturdays: Time - 10:00-11:30am 
To register, you must first obtain a US Lacrosse membership at  The registration fee paid for US Lacrosse membership is paid to US Lacrosse, not Brewster Lacrosse.
After obtaining your US Lacrosse membership, register with Brewster Lacrosse at (Click here to apply).  You will need your US Lacrosse membership ID to register with Brewster Lacrosse for this program and pay the $60 fee.

COST: $60 (plus USL membership fee, payable to US Lacrosse)

LOCATION: Old football field, behind CV Starr/ Henry Wells.

EQUIPMENT: Girls lacrosse stick, girls protective eyewear and mouth-guard. No player will be permitted to participate without protective eyewear and a mouth guard.